Welcome to the Best SSC & PSC coaching centre Calicut

SSC / PSC coaching centres in Kozhikode is dominated by enlight by its technological advancement – Online assignment, Real-time leader board, Mini Mock Test, Online Quiz, Live Online Classes. Faculty includes Ajmal.K – All India Math Topper CGL-2018(Maths), Brijin Raj – The MithBuster.

Enlight offers courses on all SSC , PSC , BANK Coaching at Calicut , Malappuram and Palakkad. The course duration is one year which includes 6 month classroom training and the rest six month training through online ENLIGHT platform. The course syllabus is carefully crafted and centre on test series and practices through classroom as well as online .

This ambitious initiative technology driven initiative is a platform for preparing Competitive exams. The classes and homework’s are often conducted in online. Webinar for general studies are conducted even at night. The assignment should are completely online. The online assignements can be completed in a stipulated time with as many number of attempts permitted. These in the mode of online test with a constrain of time.

The classes here includes ssc and rrb exams in calicut , Malappuram and palakkad through our centres located in respective districts. We believe that technology can simplify the process of learning and make it amazingly interesting. Hence the coaching we offered here for ssc is a hybrid of both direct classes as well as online classes supported by our innovative Magic app. Magic app enabled us to make the coaching more personalised and beneficial to students by easing there efforts in learning.