How Enlight Personalizing Education

Enlight Study Circle in an Edu-Tech organization revolutionizing the field of coaching education with technology. Kozhikode Based Enlight has been able to open branches in Malappuram and Palakkad districts in a short period of time and provide employment to thousands of students in the central and state services.
It is through the use of technology that enlight could assess each student's progress and enrich them with individualized instruction. Using systems such as the virtual classroom and other online infrastructure, Enlight has been able to offer students more hands-on training even at home in addition to the regular classes at the physical centers.

Enlight Virtual Class Room

A real face to face interaction between teachers and students is made possible by the virtual classroom. The students get more practice classes even at home in addition to regular classes. The educator is able to share a whiteboard screen, with video, audio and screen control features.

Google Calender to Organise Study Materials

The assignments and learning materials will be available on a calendar date by date order. It super organizes assignments, videos, online tests and other study materials.

Online Assignment

These are the QuickFire Tests that only have a specific time limit. Tests can be written as many times as possible to complete the task of scoring the marks specified by the teacher. Because of the Random test, the questions are different each time. We will create Assignments frequently.

Real Time Leader Board

The Real-Time Leader Board helps bring a game effect to the learning process. The class rank list and marks of the assignment and online mock tests are known to all participants in a matter of seconds. Hence it nurtures a healthy competitive learning environment for students.

Teacher Led Online Study Group

These Study groups are led by educators mainly used for doubt clearance. Our Experienced faculty team focusing on giving individual attention to each student. There are Different Watsapp Online Study Groups available based on subjects.

Online Quiz & Mini Mock Test

Quizzes will be conducted through the Whatsapp Study Group. Conducted by the respective Topic's teachers. There will be 3 quizzes a week.These are topic-wise online tests conducted regularly after the completion of each topic.

Enlight Virtual Class Room

Enlight Faculty Panel

The finest technology combined with the best faculty team, We are able to give individual attention to each student and ensure personalized education.
Abhijith TK

Abhijith TK

Course Director

Mr. ABIJITH TK , India’s Most Wanted Aptitude trainer and an authority in Vedic maths, NIT calicut alumnae, Technology Expert & gold medalist winner.

Brijin Raj Panicker

Brijin Raj Panicker

English Educator

English Panel is lead by Brijin Raj panicker, Whose teaching is famous for his amazing Story Telling ways of articulating English language and grammar. He is popularly known among students as the Mith-Buster.




Ajmal.K - Wonder Mathematician, B-Tech, All India Math Topper SSC CGL-2018(Maths)

Basim Nanakkal

Basim Nanakkal

General Studies

General studies section is handles by the walking encyclopaedia Mr.Basim and under him there is a team of talented faculties for GS. Though an MBA holder, He loves Geography and enviornment.

What our students say

The ssc coaching classes at ENLIGHT produced many successful candidates . Let’s here from them now

Pranav T


“study circle ” the name itself is self explanatory . The institute provides an excellent platform for all ssc aspirants . I was totally unaware to the opportunities that was available to a graduate like me until i joined enlight 4 months back.The coaching provided by the enlight team (as i would like to call them) to me has helped me to reinvent myself in the field of competitive exams as im able to crack exams with ease.The syllabus of ssc is always taken care of , with daily tests that helps you to attend your main exams with full confidence. another notable advantage i would like to say is that they have restricted the number of students to a minimum that allows the teachers to attend to each and every students doubts an clarify them. a worthy decision that ive made. Thank you team enlight

Sneha V


i feel privileged and lucky to be a part of this venture.really a good experience-it made us thoughtful, hardworking and friendly spending with group of people. The best place for ssc, rrb, upsc coaching. The teachers encourages study circles among students and are always available to guide us. Superb maths class with no match anywhere around and special emphasis on english grammar gave me a competitive edge.
Thank you enlight study circle for providing us the best step!!!

Jithin Madathil


For a competitive exam maths has an important role and for me the most difficult was this subject ,so i decided to get help from a coaching center the 1st one was a well reputed one in calicut but the cheif of that institute told me ‘u should have a base in maths to join here only then we can help u and they opt only students of that kind’ why should i join that institute if i have got a base in maths i can do the balance from my homework’s!! later i heard about an institute called Enlight Study Circle they concentrate only on maths and reasoning and i decided to attend their free seminar and that’s it i got my choice and what Enlight teaches you is not just how to do problems or formulas its all about how to approach with best tactics and now i can say i am very confident in maths just two months was the time period that made me say that “i am confident in maths”.

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